Peter Eliades SMC Update Monday 8-10-20


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At least the software has kept me on the right side on the market.. I am always tempted to trade counter trend but since I have had the software I have been behaving in line with what software is saying..... Tks Peter for the dailies - very helpful.



Thank you for the great comments on the markets. I really appreciate your software abilities to mark the targets for the indices. Last time, you picked on gold. The chart predicted correctly that it had reached its target and I see the big slide today. Could you please show us where it is headed from here/ Thank you for all that you do.

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Steffen Scheuermann
Steffen Scheuermann

Thomasjdunnsr205 said:


the offsets that you are using is 48.4 / 55.3 ---does that refer to trading days???

what is a offset?

a period of time --trading days???

Please explain?


Hi Thomas
Here is an explanation and list of the offsets and the calendar days they represent:

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