Peter Eliades SMC Update Week Ending 8-28-20 Recorded 8-30-20


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Thanks Peter. Love the analysis. Am watching closely those trend lines as well.


On the weekly update could you show the long term. it is good for context.


The AAII Investor Sentiment Survey is a contrarian indicator, as confirmed in a study by a Wayne Thorp, at the time AAII’s financial analyst, and published in the Sept/Oct 2004 issue of their Journal (link below). One quote from the paper’s conclusion: “…we found that when sentiment reached overly bullish levels, the markets normally responded negatively in the months that followed.” One more (and the final sentence in the report): “However, as we have shown, if you run with the herd, you might get trampled.”,market%20will%20rise%20in%20value.&text=In%20this%20article%2C%20we%20focus,use%20as%20a%20contrarian%20indicator.

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