Peter Eliades StockMarket Cycles Update 7-28-20


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Dear Peter and Steffen, that was AMAZING You guys have NAILED IT! It is how the market works. Now all I have to do is keep MY EMOTIONS in control - do you have a PROGRAM FOR THAT? Holy cow batman its like it wanted to say I NEED TO GET TO 3157...3157.. I MUST get there.. that was GREAT THIS video was a great way to explain as well showing how to use the stuff as not all of us are wizards.. Thanks for taking the time each day to do the videos Peter it is much appreciated. Thanks for showing the near AND MID TERM outlook. So very important as well as we cant just look for tomorrow we have to look a little in the future. Anyway that was awesome Great job to you guys!

Steffen Scheuermann
Steffen Scheuermann

XXSPOWER127 said:

do you have a PROGRAM FOR THAT?

Not yet :P

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