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Peter and his followers getting squeezed today!


Are you kidding? Watch out next week for monthly options expiration. It is a game. After a phenomenal rise, here comes the perfect set-up for killing everybody that is thinking that such a rise is normal and will continue. It is completely manipulated as usual by the U.S central bank and its acolytes JPM, MS, BlackRock etc. They are laughing because they make money all the time from squeezing the bears most of the time and the bulls sometimes depending on what their master, the central bank, decides. Nevertheless, they always get all the information they need from all the open positions they get from their adversaries, you. Many of the players in that game are openly taking positions beforehand, and they know in advance the cards with which they are dealing. They know that your Poker Face is bullshit, it is why they make a lot of money by trading. You can laugh until you pass in the meatgrinder too.

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